Here We Are In March

March 18, 2008

Al Gore’s HomeSomeday, maybe there will be a sunny side to all this. So, it’s the roofer’s big tease.  I guess he went to the house to look at it, but nothing has been done.  He returned from his winter holiday in February, but I suppose he has a huge backlog of work now.  I wonder if any of it is TWO years pending, like this little project.  I just wonder.  Maybe he has to make make the roofing material first.  I wonder. 

All Gore’s Roof looks nice, apparently.  I wonder if he’ll give me the name of his contractor?  First the roofing, then the solar panels.  First the roofing, then the solar panels.  First the roofing…


A PreFab Home

March 9, 2008

Courtesy of

Here is something I think of doing on days when I’m feeling down.  When I want a little (or a lot) of immediate gratification, I imagine bulldozing my house and putting up a prefab.  This is a beautiful example of such a one.  You can read about it on (nice site).

The Solar Power Dream Farm

March 9, 2008

Wired Magazine (

Photo: Wired Magazine (

I love Wired Magazine. For starters, if I was stranded in a deserted DMV office, my two magazines of choice would be Wired and the Economist (oh, and a Digital Photo/Film rag).

The most recent article about solar power, rekindled my dream of having a solar farm.

Please, if anyone knows the people at Ausra, please tell them I would be willing to talk.

I envision a solar farm that supplies power to a small rural community. Maybe the solar farm is supplimented with wind power. (In the desert, where we have both sources, it is such a viable option.)

I have five acres, a creative imagination, an MBA, and I heart the desert. Change can happen there.

What about a five year plan? An Industry-University collaboration? I could give open access to university research groups and courses.

Oh, the possibilities.

You can read the Wired Article here.


The Slow Roofer

March 9, 2008

Poor Roof

Ok, so the whole story will just have to reveal itself as I go along. I just want to start to write.

First, it looks like the roofing contractor is finally going to repair the roof that peeled off in a storm TWO YEARS ago. It was roofing that his people had put on, roofing that peeled off in a weird mini tornado that had ripped through the desert one winter day (as they do), only one month after the 5 year guarantee expired. This was my bad luck.

So, anyway, after he came back from a long holiday over the winter, he decided to put me on the ‘to do’ list. How long that list is, and where I sit on it, is anyone’s guess. I think that two years is long enough to wait, though, huh? OK, so I have not been too, too demanding. I have not been harping on them. And I am not always in the neighborhood (or state) for them to run in to, and to have to make excuses to, while waiting in the checkout stand. But really folks, two years?

(I’d better be quiet or I might jinx it).

I will be happy to have it done.

One step at a time.