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The Slow Roofer

March 9, 2008

Poor Roof

Ok, so the whole story will just have to reveal itself as I go along. I just want to start to write.

First, it looks like the roofing contractor is finally going to repair the roof that peeled off in a storm TWO YEARS ago. It was roofing that his people had put on, roofing that peeled off in a weird mini tornado that had ripped through the desert one winter day (as they do), only one month after the 5 year guarantee expired. This was my bad luck.

So, anyway, after he came back from a long holiday over the winter, he decided to put me on the ‘to do’ list. How long that list is, and where I sit on it, is anyone’s guess. I think that two years is long enough to wait, though, huh? OK, so I have not been too, too demanding. I have not been harping on them. And I am not always in the neighborhood (or state) for them to run in to, and to have to make excuses to, while waiting in the checkout stand. But really folks, two years?

(I’d better be quiet or I might jinx it).

I will be happy to have it done.

One step at a time.