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The Solar Power Dream Farm

March 9, 2008

Wired Magazine (

Photo: Wired Magazine (

I love Wired Magazine. For starters, if I was stranded in a deserted DMV office, my two magazines of choice would be Wired and the Economist (oh, and a Digital Photo/Film rag).

The most recent article about solar power, rekindled my dream of having a solar farm.

Please, if anyone knows the people at Ausra, please tell them I would be willing to talk.

I envision a solar farm that supplies power to a small rural community. Maybe the solar farm is supplimented with wind power. (In the desert, where we have both sources, it is such a viable option.)

I have five acres, a creative imagination, an MBA, and I heart the desert. Change can happen there.

What about a five year plan? An Industry-University collaboration? I could give open access to university research groups and courses.

Oh, the possibilities.

You can read the Wired Article here.